Basic Cooking Tips For Beginner  And Cooking Mistakes

Basic Cooking Tips For Beginner And Cooking Mistakes

Few people make some silly mistakes when cooking. Having all the cooking tools in the kitchen won’t help you until you stop making some basic cooking mistakes.  It’s completely fine for a beginner to make mistakes but what if we let you know about few basic cooking tips right before you enter in your kitchen, at least you won’t make these mistakes we will show below.

In this article, we have written about basic cooking tips for beginner and cooking mistakes. Scroll down and enjoy.

1. Using Small Pot To Boil Pasta

Long noodles won’t fit in small pots until you break them. But the regardless shape of pasta, it can end up sticky and gummy. If you add pasta to little measures of water, it will bring down the temperature of the water, if you add it to a lot of water, then the water will take time to come back to a boil. Meanwhile, pasta will sit at the base of the pot, will begin to clump and will become noticeably soft unless you are careful about stirring.

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If you are cooking a single serving of pasta you can get it done by a small pot, but if you are about to cook a large amount of pasta, then do as Italian grandmas do. What you have to is, take a large pot and fill it with water (5 to 6 quarts) and let it go to a quick boil. After that put 2 tablespoons of salt, in the end, put the pasta and stir it once in a while, until it is made perfectly.

2. Wrong Knife

Most of the beginners don’t know about the perfect use of different knives. If you try to slice a baguette with a chef’s knife you will definitely damage your food. In addition, if you select a correct blade for the job, you will have a better control over the blade and that will help you to slice more neatly.Basic Cooking Tips

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Choose chef’s knife for chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing jobs. Chef’s knifes are the big one with the long and wide blade, these knives will help you to chop onions, potatoes, garlic, herbs, etc.
Choose small, slim pairing knifes for peeling, removing pits, seeds, steam and potato eyes. For bread and bagels cutting, pick a serrated knife with the sharp teeth.

3.Small Cutting Board

Some people use very tiny cutting boards, If you are going to do the same, you won’t have space to move the blade and that will increase the risk of cutting your fingers. Using tiny cutting board is also very messy and irritating.

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Choose a small cutting board, when you are cutting with a small knife, Choose big with big blades. You can use tiny cutting boards for a quick task like cutting a lemon with a paring knife.
Basic Cooking TipsMost of the cooking works require chef’s knife, also chef’s knife is supportive so pick a cutting board that is at least 12 by 15 inches or choose a cutting board that can hold all ingredients at every stage of cutting. Another thing is, place a paper towel or dishcloth under the cutting board, it will prevent unwanted slipping off the board.

4.Storing Tomatoes In The Fridge

Tomatoes have very weak cells, the cell walls burst because of extra cold or heat and that makes the tomato tasteless. So storing tomatoes in the fridge, it’s not a good idea.

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Keep tomatoes in a maximum air circulation, for air circulation you can place tomatoes in a single layer on your kitchen counter. Don’t place them in direct sunlight. If you want, you can put cherry and grape tomatoes in their same packaging, as long as it contains holes.
For quick ripening, you can put tomatoes with an apple in a paper bag, which emits ethylene gas, a ripening agent. Once ripe, they can last for 3 days, some others, like plum tomatoes, can last for 5-6 days.

5. Over Mixing Soughs And Batters

If you over mix flour, that will activate the gluten, Gluten is a protein that can give baked goods a firm and versatile structure. This would be delicious in a chewy pizza crust but no for delicate pastry.

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Slowly and gently go for tender cakes and flaky piecrusts. While putting dry ingredients in cookie and cake batters, On the electric mixer if possible use the lowest speed or if you use hand then mix until just combined. Few lumps on the batter will be good.

6. Cooking with a cold pan

If the oil is not sufficiently hot, those sated vegetables will hold to the dish like paste and then you will have to do a tough cleaning work later on. A hot pan and oil together create a virtually nonstick surface.

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For at least 1 or 2-minute heat up the empty pan. You can make sure that the pan is hot enough when you can hold your hand 3 inches above it and feel the heat radiating from the ground. After that, you can put the fat. When it is hot oil will shimmer, the butter will melt and foam.Cooking Pan

After that, you can put the fat. When it is hot oil will shimmer, the butter will melt and foam.But if you use a nonstick pan for brown delicate foods, then put the oil or butter before turning the heat on.

It is the time to wrap up the article with the Cooking Mistakes of beginner and basic cooking tips for the beginner. We have given our full effort to help you with proper information about the mistakes of the beginner and give the basic cooking tips.  Hope this information’s will help and if you think we missed anything, please let us know in the comment section.


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