The 4 Best Gaming Chair | Best Cheap Gaming Chairs

The 4 Best Gaming Chair | Best Cheap Gaming Chairs

Who doesn’t want to have something that will increase their productivity and offer full comfort during work?Whether you are a hardcore gamer or anyone else who spends most of the time sitting front of a computer, the necessity of the best gaming chair can’t be overlooked.

But right now, the market is little saturated and filled with many so-called “best gaming chairs”. Yes, that’s the truth.

Gaming chairs are not something that you would replace it every week or month, so to ensure that your hard-earned money doesn’t get wasted, you have to choose the best chair which will serve you comfort for a long time.

How would you do it?

How would you know which one to pick and which not?  Should you just throw out the desire of having a good gaming chair and start working on ordinary chairs again?

Hell No.

What if, I help you to find the best gaming seat for yourself? Thank me later.

Yes, that’s exactly what I am going to do today. I have done my study and found out top 4 best chairs with amazing user feedbacks and leading on the market right now.

Check each of them and I hope you will end up having the best one for you. Let’s break it down.

4 Best Gaming Chair

1. Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair | Best Cheap Gaming Chair

Best Cheap Gaming ChairI want to start off saying that Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair is the best budget gaming chair you will find on the market right now. Recently it earned the best-selling tag and it is undoubtedly one of the best cheap gaming chairs.

Despite such low price, the manufacturer didn’t compromise its quality. A very comfort table chair.Now you may ask me “why I have chosen this chair? When there are lots of other chairs available”The answer is, I have only picked this pc gaming chair at the top because of its price. It has a really low price.

For example, if you go for the DX Racer gaming chair (Obviously one of the best pc gaming chairs) but that will cost you 3 times more than Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair.

Don’t get me wrong, DX Racer is one of the top-rated racer gaming chairs but that’s expensive, not everyone will be able to afford that.Therefore, people who are on a tight budget, Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair will be the best option for them.

Let me give you a tour of detailed features of this gaming seat and at the end, we will discuss the downsides of this chair.

Benefits You Will Get
  •  You will get ergonomic high back and removable headrest pillow, which is adjustable too. It has a lumber cushion and that is removable.
  • Things that I loved most about this gaming seat, first, it offers useful feature such a low price and the second, it is not just a gaming chair but also suits perfectly as an office chair too.
  • Has the full recline system, so you can lean back comfortably and lock the chair back at any angle between 90 to 180 degree.
  • You can move easily as this chair comes with wheels that move in any direction, unlike some other chairs. Wheels move smoothly on most surface.
  • You will be able to sit comfortably for longer gaming or work sessions. Armrest provides extra comfort.
Things I Liked
  • Cheap price.
  • Smooth running wheels.
  • Can be used as an office chair.
  • Recline function.
  • Adjustable headrest.
  • High ergonomic back
Things I didn’t Like

Though manufacturer says, it can hold up to 300 pounds but actually, they can’t hold up more than 110 kg. Therefore, I would say this chair is not an option for you if your weigh is above 100kg.

Final Words
The Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair is not an option if you are overweighted. Without that, this chair is good to go. Its price is very low, offer’s comfort, I would say, people who are on tight budget and looking for a best pc gaming chair under 100, Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair is the best option for them.

2. Office Chair High-back Recliner Ergonomic Design Racing Chair | Reclining Gaming Chair

Reclining Gaming ChairHere is another best-selling racer style gaming chair, racer gaming fans are going to love this one. This one is not exactly racer gaming chair but got a racing design.

This chair looks very gorgeous, doesn’t matter you are spending lots of hours staring excel spreadsheet or busy in beating the opponent gunman, this Office Chair High-back Recliner Ergonomic Design Racing Chair will take care of your both back and posture.

Why we picked this chair?

This pc gaming chair is climbing very high in the market, has positive user feedbacks and comes at affordable price.Few things, which I really liked about this chair are its look. Looks almost like racer style chairs and has a great combination of black and red (both are my favorite color by the way). I would never hesitate to show off a furniture like this.

Another one is, when you will sit in this chair, you will feel like, the high back of the chair is hugging you. Overall very comfortable chair.

Let’s take a look at the other benefits of this chair,

Benefits You Will Get
  • As I said before, this chair looks amazing. Has racer look and the black and red combination make it very classy. A perfect piece for your gaming station and suits perfectly even in office too.
  • It has a high back, which hugs your upper body back, from head to tailbone. Chair back height is 36 inches, so tall people won’t face any kind of problem.
  • To keep your body posture well, this chair comes with two pillows. Lumber cushion, it is adjustable and the second one is headrest pillow, it is comfortable but you can’t adjust it.
  • This chair is built with synthetic material and that behaves really well. Stains are not an issue here, they are very easy to remove even in the white part of the chair. Rubbing won’t cause any damage to the seat.
  • The special one, there are few chairs which come with a quality footrest at this price point. The footrest of this chair keeps up one’s feet nicely. Having a footrest really gives you comfort after long sessions of gaming or working.
  • Not to forget, this chair also reclines to 180 degrees, and because of the footrest, you can turn it into a mini bed. It swivels 360 degrees and moves very smoothly.
Things I Liked
  • Comfortable footrest.
  • Affordable price.
  • Swivels 360 degrees.
  • Moves smoothly.
  • Recline function.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Offers enough traction.
Things I didn’t Like
  • It would have been better if this chair came with adjustable armrest.
  • Taking out the footrest and tuck it back in can take little effort.
Final Words

The Office Chair High-back Recliner Ergonomic Design Racing Chair is another best budget pc gaming chair. Has an amazing look, perfect for both gaming station and office. Comes with footrest, which is very comfortable.

Durable and back and seat of this chair is made of synthetic material. Reclines 180 degrees and because of the footrest, you can make it a bed. Having all these features at this price point, it is amazing.

3. Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large Size Office Desk Chair 

Large Size Office Desk ChairFicmax Ergonomic High-back Large Size Office Desk Chair is mainly designed to look after you, yes. Doesn’t matter how long your gaming or working sessions are, this chair will never fail to make you feel comfortable. It comes with a function that will let your blood flow smoothly all over the body.

Like the previous model, this chair also hugs the entire body from the back. I must say, this chair is a new release but the way it is climbing upward, there must be something which worth buying, don’t you think so?

Now let’s come to the point

 Why I picked this?

What is the main point of getting a gaming chair? Comfort, right? I loved the way this chair is designed. Very comfortable chair and durable materials (will talk in details at the benefits section). This chair keeps a good body posture.

One thing I loved the most about this chair is, it comes with USB massager at both headrest and lumbar pillow. As I said, this chair will not fail to make you feel comfortable in any way.

Let’s take a look at other benefits that comes with this chair,

Benefits You Will Get
  • Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large gaming seat offers double comfort. As mentioned USB electric massager is included in bother lumber and headrest pillow. You can get a little massage after long sessions of gaming or office works.
  • Wider and thicker armrest. The armrest is adjustable, so can adjust the armrest according to your need. The backrest of the chair is wider.
  • This Ficmax chair is very durable. Comes with durable frame and the frame of this seat is explosion-free gas spring frame. You won’t have to worry about the noise that the spring can make when in action, it’s noise free.
  • The seat is built of high-quality PU leather, which is fade resistant too. Strains can be removed easily from the seat, doesn’t cause any problem from extra rubbing.
  • This chairs upper body leans back from 90 to 180 degrees and has 360 degrees swivel. Wheels move smoothly on most surface.
  • The footrest ensures that your blood is flowing smoothly all over the body. Can hold on to 300 pounds and you can adjust the chair height.
Things I Liked
  • USB massager.
  • Durable chair frame.
  • 360 degrees swivel.
  • Reclining function.
  • High-quality leather seat.
  • Explosion-free gas spring.
Things I didn’t Like
  • Takes little effort to take out the footrest manually.
Final Words
Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large Size Office Desk Chair is a good gaming chair, I must say. Suits perfectly at the office environment too. Overall has comfortable features, buying it won’t be a bad decision.

4. GTRACING Gaming Office Chair Game Racing Ergonomic Backrest | Best Racer Gaming Chair at Cheap Price

best racer chair at cheap priceMost racer gaming chairs come with high price tags, that’s no surprise though, racer chairs are expensive that’s no secret. Most gamers can’t afford those chairs because of high price and that’s exactly where GTRACING Gaming Office Chair strikes.

The GTRACING Gaming Office Chair is cheap compared to other racer gaming chairs. Despite the low price, the manufacturer didn’t compromise its quality. Therefore, it would not be wrong if I say, GTRACING Gaming Office Chair is the best racer gaming chair you will ever find at this price point.

If you want, you can use it as office chair but I would rather use it for my gaming station. Look at it, has a great color combination and the high back looks like a racing car seat, I would never place it in front of a boring office desk.

Why I picked this?

The look, I must say, this seat looks like a racing car seat. The color combination is outstanding and delivers full comfort.

It has the entire feature that an ideal gaming seat should have, overall an outstanding performer.

Benefits You Will Get
  • Has an ergonomic shape, look classy and will suit perfectly in any gaming station. Color combination is amazing.
  • Holds on to 330 pounds, you can guess the durability of this chair. It comes with a metal frame and is very durable.
  • Wheels move smoothly on most surfaces, this one is really important when your intention is to use this chair in an office.
  • Hasana extra high back, which is adjustable and you can lock the back at any angle from 90 to 170 degrees.
  • Height is adjustable and armrest too. If you are short or extra tall, you can adjust the chair height according to your need.
  • Comes with adjustable headrest and lumber pillow, which will help you to stay in a good posture.
Things I Liked
  • Adjustable backrest.
  • Holds up to 330 pounds.
  • Wheels move smoothly.
  • Adjustable height and armrest.
  • Classy look and design.
  • Leather seat.
Things I didn’t Like
  • Doesn’t comes with a footrest.
Final Words
GTRACING Gaming Office Chair is affordable racing chair, you won’t find any other racing chair at this price. I can say, this chair offers a good return for the money. Overall comfortable and durable chair. Holds on to 330 pounds and you can see how handsome it looks.

Why You Need a Good Gaming Chair?

I have seen a lot of gamers who avoid the need for a gaming seat while setting their gaming station. They spend hell lot of money buying graphics cards, monitors, keyboard, mouse and speaker but don’t want to spend on a gear which will keep them healthy.

On the other hand, there are some people who choose chairs with minimum consideration where they should put maximum consideration as they spend hell lot of time sitting on the chair.

Using normal computer chairs will make you suffer in long run, trust me. Maximum peoples not only gamers, who do desk jobs whole day long. Well, you cannot stop working as that controls your living but by getting the best gaming chair will save your money from spending on medicine, medical tests, and doctors.

Sitting in a normal chair and working for 5-8 hours will direct shoulder pain and back pain after some time and I am pretty sure you don’t want that? Do you?

In case you don’t know, sitting for long sessions is very bad for our health. Hey? I am not joking, that’s true. Our bodies are made to walk, jump, run and rest. Rest doesn’t mean sitting for 2-3 hours, rest means lie down and sleep.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t sit, no way, what I am saying is sitting for a long time is bad but we can’t help, we need to work (desk jobs). We can’t quit our jobs or stop playing games as jobs needs for living and gaming is a passion (You should never leave your passion) and that’s where Top gaming chairs strike.

Ergonomic gaming chairs are made to fit our body posture and size of the body, unlike ordinary chairs. A pro-gaming chair will allow you to sit comfortably and ergonomically.

Gaming chairs are designed to improve lower body blood flow and lower joints.

To be very precise, gaming seats are very effective for our lower back and neck area.

Now I am pointing out 5 benefits that gaming seats offer

Benefits of Gaming Chairs

best cheap gaming chair

Most gamers can never have the ideal posture, especially there is no chance of having an ideal posture when gamers are in a serious battle and on the edge of their chair.

If they continue to sit like that, over the years that will disturb the ideal posture and they will feel very uncomfortable to have the ideal posture.

Furthermore, an ideal posture is always appreciated in everywhere because a good posture is a very valuable part of body language.

From job to interview to dating, good posture will send them positive signs to the people on your front. Otherwise, no job no dating opportunity.

Thanks to the one, who invented this kind of chair!!!

Gaming seats are designed in a way, which will keep us always in good posture and will deliver enough comfort at the same time.

Allows Proper Lower Body Blood Flow

There are many chairs, which edge doesn’t let blood flow to the leg and in a result, when you try to get up your legs are asleep.

Ever happened to you?

It happened to me and it very annoying. Isn’t it?

If it is still happening with you, trust me, change the chair right now or stop sitting on chairs like that.

Low blood flow the leg will cost you more in the long run, it will cause leg and foot problem.

You can avoid this problem by having a cool gaming chair in front of your desk. best Gaming chairs edges are designed, to let the blood flow smoothly to your legs.

This will make you feel very comfortable and relax.

No more sitting in ordinary chairs, get a gaming one, you will thank me later.

Spine Health

I don’t know anyone of you has ever noticed it or not. After sitting for long, some chair gets very irritating and uncomfortable.

But the truth is, chair stays the same but your back starts to pain when you sit for very long sessions and that’s going to create more issues in long run.

So what’s the solution?

I am pretty sure, you have guessed the answer by now.

Yes, Gaming Chairs. Good gaming chairs come with few features which keep human back straight, offers full comfort and that removes back pain.

Vibration & Sound

Some Rocker gaming seats come with built-in speakers and vibration in order to offer much better gaming experience.

In one way, these kinds of seats are the money saver, you would not need to buy extra speakers.

Even some Rocker seat comes with headphones, wireless radio receiver and volume control features.

All these things (built-in speakers, headphone, and radio receiver) are wireless, so there will be no messy cable issue, this benefit is even better.

Competitive Atmosphere
Some latest model of racer gaming seats comes with pedals, steering wheels, knob shifting and other controllers. This chair is ready to make you feel like you are sitting in a racing car seat.

Isn’t that super awesome?

On the other hand, some rocker chairs carry a feature that is, you will be able to connect with your buddies, for helping you to beat the opponent and that makes a very competitive atmosphere.

Really, this will uplift your gaming experience.

Different Types of Gaming Chairs

There are different types of gaming chairs available, suitable for different needs. There are total 5 types of gaming chairs, Racing chairs, Pc chairs, Rocker chairs, Pedestal gaming chair and Bean bag chair.

Rocker chairs and Pedestal chairs are almost same, no big difference. Most popular chair types are, PC chairs, Racing chairs, and Rocker chairs.I won’t suggest bean bag for any adults, these chairs are more like a couch and suitable for kids. Bean bag chairs are for the laid-back users.

Now let’s dive into details of each type,

Rocker Chair

These types of chairs are directly laid to the floor and they have no wheels or legs. Rocker chairs are L shaped and very comfortable.

For enhancing the comfortable feeling, these chairs offer you to rock forward and backward. Rocker chairs are comfortable and aren’t it great to be able to seat leaning back and play favorite games?

Some best rocker gaming chairs are loaded with enjoyable features, comes with the built-in wireless system, speakers, subwoofer, memory foam padding and RCA stereo.Even some carry a feature which is, you will be able to connect wirelessly with your partners for a more increased gaming experience.

I will not recommend Rocker chair for old peoples because as it is directly laid to the floor, so rising up from the chair after seating will put a massive pressure on aged people’s body.

PC Gaming Chairs

Most popular chairs among all these types. You will be able to use these chair at both office and home, as long as you are comfortable.

PC gaming chairs are for computer gaming and these chairs offer you a direct view of the monitor or display.The best PC gaming chairs come ergonomic specifications, like comfortable and wide headrest, comfortable armrest, Lumber pad etc.

Even some PC gaming seats have the ability to lean back 180 degrees and very durable.

Pedestal Gaming Chairs

There aren’t any big differences between Rocker and Pedestal chairs.The only difference is, Rockers chairs are directly laid on the floor but Pedestal chairs an extra Pedestal under the seat, which keeps the chair lifted from the ground.

If you need to sit up higher off the floor and swivel around, only then you should buy a Pedestal chair, the other features are same as Rocker chairs.

Racer Gaming Seats
Racer gaming seats look very appealing. They got style, features, and comfort.  Those who like racing games and passionate about car racing, they shouldn’t miss the feeling of playing a racing game in a racer gaming seat.

Racer gaming seats come at different price levels, depending on features.There are some racing gaming chairs which comes will attached steering wheel, shift knob and pedal, this types of chairs will definitely uplift your gaming experience. You will feel like you are sitting in a real racing car.

These racing seats are little expensive but that’s pretty obvious, isn’t that?There are some other racing gaming seats also which comes with a comfortable seat and framework you will need to attach your steering wheel and other controls.

In these types of chairs, you won’t have to worry about gamer’s height because it’s adjustable.Some best racer gaming chairs even come with real racing cars seat.

Bean Bag

I will recommend this bean bag gaming seat for kids. It doesn’t have features like previous types but the only thing I like about bean bag is, it’s too comfortable.

You can use the bean bag as guest chair also, they look cute. Beanbag seats are filled with soft foam and inexpensive.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Chair

As I said back, right now the market is saturated with many so-called “high-quality gaming chairs”.

Do you know anything that would help you to get the best chair? No?Then making you fool would be very easy for them.

No worries, I am here for that. I am sharing few things that you should check in chairs before you make any purchase decision in order to have the best one.

Let’s go,


This plays a vital role in picking up the best PC gaming chair. People who spend a lot of time sitting front of desktop computers, they need something to comfy them and PC gaming chairs strike there.

Pc gaming chairs will help to improve body posture and not only that, they offer lumbar support, arm support, neck support and many.Best Pc gaming chairs will come with a customizable feature, you will be able to adjust the chair according to your need.

Here is some important ergonomic feature you should look for,

Elevation Adjustment

You will be able to adjust the chair height according to your need. This is a standard feature for all office chairs.

Armrest Height

 This is a thing that you wouldn’t see in most chairs. But you need comfort, right?Then it’s worth checking. With armrest height control you will be able to level the armrest with your elbow that will remove stain from your shoulder.

Tension control

This feature will allow you to lean backward gracefully. In other words, this will allow you to lose the tension level in the backrest.

Backrest Angle Latch

This will allow you to lock the backrest angle at your needed position.

Seat Rails

this will allow you to slide forward and backward in order to enhance flexibility and comfort.

The second important factor to be checked. If you spend most of your time sitting on chairs then this one is very important.

You will see most chairs seats which are either leather or mesh. You have to pick one which suits your body temperature or you have to stop thinking about comfort.

Some gamers get sweaty in long between long sessions of gaming and some stay normal or get cold. It will be wise to pick a gaming seat according to body temperature.

Mesh seats are breathable and the best choice for warm body temperature gamers.

Leather gaming seats are for those who get cold.

We don’t want lie saying “Looks doesn’t matter”. It does.

You don’t want to have a chair that looks like it will fall down if someone sits on that, right?You don’t have to find the masterpiece, just choose one that looks enough durable and suits the place where you will place that chair.

I could say, Racer theme chairs would be better suited to gaming stations and on the other hand, a chair that has the look of black leather would be more appreciated for the office environment.

High Tech-Gaming Chairs
Maximum gaming chairs are designed to offer comfort during long gaming sessions but there are also some chairs, which comes with an additional electronic feature in order to enhance the overall gaming experience, but these electric features are mostly found in rocker chairs, not in pc or beanbag chairs. Take a look,
Most rocker chairs comes with built-in speakers. Moreover, speakers are placed at an exact height, very close to the ear. Audio gaming soundtracks really make the gaming session better.
Foot Rest
Most racer gaming chairs comes with a footrest. Isn’t it very comfortable to lean back, let your footrest and play? It delivers more luxuries feel.
Vibration motor is another feature that will uplift your gaming experience. Some rocker chairs come with this feature. Vibration motor makes the whole chair rumble and vibrations syncs with the main points of a game, which brings a realistic effect.
Cup Holder
This feature is very important for hardcore gamers, who spend almost whole day playing games. To stay hydrated, the gamer needs to drink cold drinks, water, or anything healthy, for that they surely need a cup holder because cup holder will prevent unexpected spill and save your electronics from the liquid.

Caster & Wheels

Everyone knows what actually caster and wheel does. We usually see these under office chairs and gaming chairs. With the help of caster and wheel, we can move around without standing.

Default caster and wheels that come with the chairs are good enough. The only problem is some scratches the floor, which can harm your tile and Carpet floor and make them look very messy.

Thanks to some manufacturer, there are replaceable caster and wheels available, which will prevent floor scratching and also move smoother.I would only recommend additional caster and wheels when you got a problem with default ones, or it will be waste of money.

Types of Casters

There are mainly 2 types of caster available. Rigid and swivel casters. I have provided details about each.  Below,

Rigid Caters:

Rigid casters were most widely used caster once. This caster will only move forward and backward. If you want to move sideways then Rigid caters are not the solution.

Swivel Caster:

Swivel casters are most commonly used caster now. The problem with rigid caster was that only moves forward and backward, but Swivel caster moves all the way and all directions.

But there are also different types of Swivel Caster available, take a look,

Kingpin-less Caster: Kingpin-less Casters are a very durable caster on the market and these casters don’t come with any nut and bold kingpin.

Kingpin-less Casters are suitable for rage gamers.

Some Thought about Gaming Chair

Do you ever think about having a gaming chair in front of your desk?


I know that. You have more computer peripherals to think about rather than gaming chairs, like getting a high-quality graphics card, gaming mouse, keyboards, speakers, etc. right?

If you are really a hardcore gamer than am pretty sure you spend most of your time setting on an ordinary chair and playing games.

But do you know?

Having an Ergonomic gaming chair will uplift your gaming experience and not only that, it will save you from disgusting back pains at a young age.On the other hand, suppose you have a cool gaming keyboard, mouse, monitor, CPU, does an ordinary chair really suit a classy desk of all these gaming beasts?

Obviously no, right?

Hey??? I am not telling you to get a cool gaming chair just to make a classy gaming station but this one is a side advantage of having a cool gaming chair.There is a rumor about gaming chairs, which is

Gaming chair is only for gamers”.

That’s a lie, gaming chairs are usable in office too, as long as you are comfortable with it.

Same with the office chairs, if you are comfortable with office chairs you can use it as your gaming seat. All you have to do is picking the right one.Health should be people’s main concern. Lost money, you can have them back. Lost job, you can have that back too but once you lose your health, my friend, getting back that is only possible when pigs will start to fly. So be wise and pay attention to your health too.

Time to wrap up. This article was a mixture of every kind of gaming chairs. I found out the best gaming chairs from each type and compiled them together. Another thing, I did review some cheap gaming chairs also, which I thought the best one will ever come at that budget. So, people who are on a tight budget, they could end up having the best budget gaming chair for them. If you picked one, let us know how it went with you in the comment section. Kudos!

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