Top 3 Best Kukri Kinfe Reviews 2018 | Best Survival Tools For Camper

Top 3 Best Kukri Kinfe Reviews 2018 | Best Survival Tools For Camper

Are you one of them who love adventures? And are you getting confused among the vast array of best kukri ? It’s normal to get overwhelmed by many choices but don’t worry we are going to make it easy for you.

Kukri is a survival tool that every camping lover wants. Kukri is sharp knife which can cut through almost everything. For cutting wood, chopping vegetables, cutting animals, fish this kukri knife can do it all. Some kukri knife can be used as Axe also.

Kukri has a long story, it invented in Nepal. This knife was made to use as a weapon. Traditionally it was just a knife but now it became a heavy part of Nepalese army. Many countries in Asia use this kukri machete as their fighting weapon because they know better kukri knife fighting techniques.

Choosing a perfect kukri knife without any experience is little harsh, that is why we are here. You won’t get confused anymore, we have designed this whole article with three best kukri machetes and we have poured all information’s an adventure lover need to know about kukri knife.

Here, we are presenting top 3 Best Kukri Knife which is best for survival, choose one with which you are comfortable with.

Best Kukri Knife List

NameProduct ImageEditor's RatingPrice
4000352 Cold Steel Kukri Plus Machete with Sheath - 97Kmps9.9
Schrade SCHKM1 Large Full Tang Kukri Machete Fixed Blade Safe-T-Grip Handle9.9
Genuine Gurkha Kukri - Authentic British Gurkha AEOF Afghan Issue with Brown Sheath Kukri - Handmade by GK&CO. Kukri House in Nepal by GK&CO. Kukri House9.8

Top 3 Best Kukri Knife Reviews

1. Cold Steel Kukri Machete Review

This kukri knife is may be one of the cheapest kukri knives that can be used for heavy-duty tasks. This is a multi-purpose knife and people call it “workhorse”. Price of this knife is also very low. If you hold this cold steel kukri machete for the first time you will just say “wow” really, this one has excellent design and comfort.

The cold steel kukri machete comes in two different blade sizes, 13 inches, and 17 inches. Both sizes are enough to go through any tough wood. Blades are very sharp so be careful when you are holding it.

This kukri also comes with a Cordura Sheath, the blade is 2.75 mm thicker and has a weight of 16 ounces. You can use this as both hatchet and machete. This knife works great as a bush-craft tool, it can easily clean toughest overgrowth and vegetation in your garden.

It has a black anti-rust matte end which raises its durability. Overall this knife is an amazing tool for an affordable price.

Cold Steel Kukri Knife


  • Very durable.
  • Has an attractive design.
  • Affordable.
  • Sharp blade.
  • Comes with an anti-rust feature.
  • Some user found this knife handle little bit weird.


2. Schrade SCHKM1 Large Full Tang Fixed Blade Kukri Machete

The Schrade SCHKM1 large kukri is made for lightweight use. It comes with 3CR13 high-carbon steel construction and it is 1/8 inches thicker, this knife can cut small brush and can chop thick woods. The total length of the blade is 13.5 inches where 12 inches are ready to slice and the remaining 1.5 inches are not sharp because of user safety.

This blade also has tough black powder finish coating which saves it from scratching. It comes with a unique Schrade Safe-T-Grip handle which provides nice grip and perfect protection from hand sliding.

This kukri also comes with a diamond sharpener, a Ferro rod, and nylon sheath. What else should anyone expect from a kukri knife?

One thing we must need to tell you if you want a machete for heavy work than this one is not for you. This knife hesitates to go through thick woods and bones. For light works this one is perfect.

Full Tang Kukri Machete


  • Comes with diamond sharpener.
  •  Ferro rod is included.
  •  Nylon Sheath.
  •  Durable.
  •  Very sharp.
  • Long lasting.
  •  Don’t choose this for heavy duty works.



3. Genuine Gurkha Kukri – 11″ Authentic AEOF Gurkha Afghan Issue Brown Sheath Khukuri

Are you looking for a kukri knife for survival? If yes then this Genuine Gurkha Kukri is for you. This knife has razor sharp 11-inch blade made of carbon steel.

Check the image you will see it comes with full-tang which makes it durable and effective. It also has a thick spine. This Kukri knife is good for chopping also because it is little heavy.

You know what is the best part of this kukri knife? Two small companion knives are included with this, the Karda and the Hakmak. The Karda is a paring knife best for skinning animals and the Hakmak is for sharpening blade.

This Kukri knife comes with a leather sheaf also but some users are saying that the sheath is little tight, but we would say, at first it will stay little tight but will loosen up with regular use.

The Genuine Ghurkha Kukri comes with a hardwood handle but some users are saying that handle is slippery and doesn’t provide enough grips. We have a solution for that, wrap the knife handle by tape Rescue Tape, Black 3M Scotch 2228 or 3M 65 mill self-sealing tape will work better.

This will make an amazing grip.This blade is very sharp and durable but if you don’t keep maintaining this it will invite rust.

Best Kukri Knife


  • Full-tang.
  • Leather sheath
  •  Sharp blade.
  •  Durable.
  •  Comes with 2 small knives.
  • Some users said the handle doesn’t offer proper grip. We would recommend you to wrap the handle with tape, you will have better grip.


Why You Need a Kukri Knife?

A kukri knife the best alternative for heavy tools such as axe, machete or shovel. Hunters or campers will need this kukri blade most because they can use it for skinning, chopping, cutting instead of carrying heavy tools for these jobs. A small kukri blade can save you also when you get attacked by wild animals.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Kukri Knife

First of all, a kukri blade which is best is not always best for you. You want a kukri with which you are comfortable and only that would be the best kukri blade for you. Below we have shown some basic things that everyone needs to know before buying a kukri knife, check out if these factors meet the kukri knife you are about to buy.

Blade Material
It is the most important factor to look before buying a kukri knife.
Stainless steel knives are rust resistant and cheaper also but they are not so durable and lose their sharpness after some time of use.

On the other hand, carbon steel has a higher level of sharpness but if they are not maintained properly they rust. Carbon steel made kukri knives are expensive and come in different grades.
So you have to choose a blade according to your purpose.

The Shape Of Blade
This one also depends on your purpose. Kukri knives come in different shapes and each shape is made for a specific purpose. The shapes are, Spear points, drop points, dagger points, sheep’s foot, recurred, tanto, clip point.

If you need a kukri for hunting or camping then a Drop point or a clip point kukri knife would be better for you, and if you need for chopping or bushcraft then you should go with Machete-shaped kukri blade.Best Kukri Knife

As we know kukri knives are basically used for heavy works so we would suggest choosing a full-tang kukri knife though they are little expensive but they are too durable. Tangs of half-tangs kukri knife can be broke anytime when you frequently use them on thick objects.
The more grips a kukri knife handle has the more effectively you can work. A good grip depends on the handle material.

Most traditional kukri blades have rubber or wood made handle, rubber offers little grip but wood would make you uncomfortable. Popular models for comfortable grip are Micarta and G10.

Before you pick a knife must check if that is slippery or not. A slippery handle will make you very uncomfortable and also dangerous too.

 A comfortable sheath is very important, especially for hunters and campers because it’s too irritating to carry a kukri knife in hand all the time, and a good sheath will also keep you safe from the kukri knife when they are not in use. Choose a sheath which is half of your height, if possible go for an adjustable sheath and make sure that the sheath holds the knife safely and tightly.


How To Maintain Kukri Knives?

Kukri Knives durability depends on how well you maintain it. The well you maintain kukri knives the more durable they becomes. Below we have shown some tips about maintaining kukri knives, scroll down

  • You have to clean the blade with gun oil or machine oil, you have to do it once in a month at least. Make sure that you don’t leave any fingerprints on the blade after applying oil.
  • If rust has developed cleaning the blade will be tough but impossible. Rust can be reduced by sandpaper and blade can be cleaned by gasoline.
  • You have to use appropriate polishes to clean knife parts except for blade. You can use shoe polish for leather casing and for wood handle you can use furniture shine. Must use polishes like Brasso and Silvo to polish brass fitting and silver casing.
  • Store your kukri knife in dry and normal temperature, avoid putting the knife in moisture.
  • Carving on the knife blade should be scrubbed by a hard brush with gasoline.
  • Don’t expose leather sheath for long period of time, it can shrink because of over-exposure.
  • Never use the blade on stones and metallic surfaces.

A kukri knife became a major part of hunting and camping. People who don’t know much about this knife, we did a little try through this article to help them find the best kukri knife for them.

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