Best Way to Cut Onion | Beginner’s Guide on How to Cut an Onion

Best Way to Cut Onion | Beginner’s Guide on How to Cut an Onion

Most people start cutting onions when they don’t even know how to cut an onion, as a result, they end up crying and rubbing their eyes aggressively. Wanna know some best way to cut onions? Go On,

Cutting onions though seems very simple but it’s tough if you don’t know the right way. There are a lot of people who don’t live with their families or love to cook, cutting an onion is a regular thing for them.

So why not spend some time and learn?  I have designed this whole article for you and shown some best and basic way to cut onions. Spend little time and go through.

Mistakes to Avoid When Cutting an Onion

Before we start learning the ways of cutting an onion, it better to know about some things that we should avoid while cutting an onion. Given below,

Dull Knife: Never you a dull knife to cut onions, actually it’s better not use dull knives on anything. It is dangerous, time killing and will also produce ugly slices.

A chef’s knife is mandatory for a kitchen, spend some time and pick a perfect chef knife (My favorite one).

Cutting onion with a perfect chef knife will not only save your time and produce nice cut but also will increase your productivity.

Cutting Horizontally: the Wrong cutting way which can result in serious finger cut. Most cooking experts and TV channels say to cut onions horizontally but I really don’t appreciate that.

Cutting the Ugly Side First: I have been making this mistakes before I get to know the right way of cutting an onion.

A little hairy side of the onion looks ugly and I know I am not going to eat that, so I always cut that off at first. Then a few days back I get to know that I was cutting the wrong side.

Roots of the onion are kind of glue which keep the onion layers together which makes slicing onion easy.

How to Dice an Onion

  1. First cut the onion in half slowly. Run the knife right through the ugly root so that you would have two pieces of onions where the root is attached in both.
  2. Cut off the non-hairy side of the onion (not the root)Time to take off the outer layer.
  3. Start cutting onion lengthwise but make sure you don’t cut the root. Bring the cut closer for smaller pieces.
  4.  Now start cutting the onion width wise and you will see nice dices of onion coming out.
  5. Last and the easiest way is get a manual onion dicer, it will save your time and also will offer nice dices of onion.

How to Slice an Onion

  1. Pick firm and soft skinned onions. The better your onion is; the better slices you will get.
  2. Use chef’s knife and cut off the stem end of the onion.
  3. Cut the onion is two pieces by running the knife in middle and make sure both pieces have root attached, otherwise, you made an uneven cut.
  4. Now gently take off the skin.
  5. After taking off the skin. Hold the onion at the root side and cut the onion widthwise. Your sliced onion is ready.
  6. For more easy and nice slices go for onion slicer machine.


That was all. I have tried hard to prove you the best way to cut an onion and now you know how to chop an onion, I hope this article helped you. Remember all the steps and don’t get very excited, go slow.

If you are trying for the first time, ugly cuts are no surprise, keep practicing, you will get better with time. Post photos of your slices in the comment section and I will get back to you right after seeing those. Happy chopping!

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