How To Choose Home Drinking Water Filtration System

How To Choose Home Drinking Water Filtration System

As hygiene food lover, we do anything and everything to make nutrient-rich meals for us, we use wooden kitchen gears or stainless-steel kitchen gears instead of plastics or ceramic for avoiding BPA and other harmful chemicals. Some of us even select cleaning products very carefully, which are, carcinogenic ingredients free.

Doing all these things for healthy food makes sense but maximum hygiene food lover always avoid one thing, which plays a very important role in our daily life. Water, people go mad after chemical free kitchen gears, nutrient-rich foods but don’t pay attention to water with which they try to make healthy meals.

Everyone knows how important water is in our everyday life and today, the environment has an uncountable number of contaminants which can take our lives, so the effort we give after preparing healthy meals, the same level of effort we should give after examining our home water.

If your home water got harmful chemicals or anything harmful then it will ruin your and your family’s health that is so obvious. Having a clear and healthy whole house water system can provide you fresh and chemical free waters. Then what are you waiting for? Let’s roll over on, how to choose a best whole-home drinking water filtration system!

How To Choose A Best whole Home Water Filtration System?

home drinking water filtration system

Finding a best whole house water filtration is an easy process with accurate information. Below we have shown some points which will help you have a comfortable and protection water filtration option.

What Is In Your Water?

The very first move in choosing best water filtration system is figuring out what actually is in your water. Many people ignore this but it’s a very important factor.

If you figure out which chemicals your water have then you will be an informed consumer, you would know which type of water system you and your family need.For testing your water you can use water testing kit.

Which Home Drinking Water Filtration System You Need?

Once you have done testing water, you will need to decide exactly which kind of water filtration system you will need. There are actually two types of the filtration system, you can choose one.

POU Water Filtration
POU means Point-of-Use. Point-of-Use water filtration system is a single device which is customized for use in separate rooms in a house. For example, a POU system can be a countertop gravity filter or a pitcher placed in refrigerator or under-counter water filtration system.

You will find some individual filters customized for removing chlorine from bath and shower. A bathing filter is actually important for kids and pregnant women.

Before you choose POU, there is few thing you should know,POU has very strong ability to filter water and remove different contaminants from water.

For example, portable water pitchers or refrigerator water filters are made to address chlorine taste and they have a very short lifetime, where, large POU systems can remove very wide range of contaminants including, fluoride, parasites, chlorine, product disinfection, heavy metal and other microorganisms, bad taste, sediment, and odor.

In this POU system, you can select the cartridge to address you concerned contaminants.

POE Water System
POE means Point-of-Entry water. As the name suggests, these systems are installed on the way from where water enters home first. POE systems are excellent choices for people who want to purify their water for all users.

POE purified water includes not only shower, bath or laundry, water can be used without any worries in drinking and cooking.

POE water filtration systems are more budget friendly that POU but POE systems are installed at the point from where water enters your home but if you have a problem in your home pipes than POE won’t work.

So though POU water filtration system is little costly, this the only protective solution.

Water Filter Or Purifier?

Water filters are a budget-friendly option for everyone. But one question about which people are confused that is the difference between a water filter and water purifier.

A water filter has activated carbons contained in a cartridge which improves the odor and taste of water and also reduces many chemical contaminants found in drinking water. Sometimes manufacturer gives different types of activated carbons for a more protection.

The sad part about water filters are, they cannot reduce all the toxins found in water today and this is where water purifier strikes, to reduce toxins completely sometime you will need a water purifier.

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