How to Clean a Pool | Swimming Pool Cleaning Tips

How to Clean a Pool | Swimming Pool Cleaning Tips

Hello everyone, what is up? I hope you are doing well. Here I am back today with another new article and this one is about “how to clean a pool”.

Do you own a swimming pool? If yes, then it must require cleaning after a certain period of time. Hiring people for cleaning the dirty pool and paying a handful of money each time to clean your pool is unnecessary.

Well, you can save that money by doing the pool cleaning all by yourself and use that money on other things.

But do you know how to clean a pool?

If you do, I would suggest, you save that money by cleaning the pool all by yourself and if you don’t know how to clean a swimming pool, then stick with me till the end.

Here we go,

Why do I need to clean the pool?

I have seen most people asking this question, why they need to stress with scrubbing or cleaning the pool when they add chemicals to water often.

Well, I have a logical answer for that.

For example, when we take shower we use shampoo, soap, face cream etc. These are cleaning chemicals but do they keep clean your tub, floor tile clean?

No!  Right?

That’s pretty obvious, shampoo, soap, face cream, etc. are meant to keep our body clean, not the tub or bathroom.

If you are not cleaning your tub and just because it requires effort, over time you will see molds are growing up in there, as tub stays wet most of the time, making the tub disgusting.

As I said, tub and bathroom walls remain wet most of the time, with no cleaning you will also start noticing soap scum.

Exactly same thing happens with the pool too.

Chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, etc. are meant to keep your water clean not the entire pool. They don’t have the ability to keep leaves, bugs, etc out of the water.

That’s why you should clean your pool.

Okay, moving on.

Equipment you will need:

Before you dive into action, make sure you have all the equipment that cleaning a pool may require.

With the right equipment, cleaning swimming pool would be easier and you will be able to clean the pool more often.

If you are a new swimming pool owner and don’t know exactly which tools you will need, we are here for that.

If you are one of them who has experience on cleaning pools and has the right equipment, it would be better to recheck them to see if they are in good shape or not, if there is something missing or not.

Telescopic Pole

It is a very important and helpful tool for pool cleaning. It’s like a stick, can extend to different lengths and at the end of this pole, you can attach different things, like vacuum head, brush, skimmer net, etc.

If you are new, I would recommend you to buy 8 feet long telescopic pole which can be extended to 16 feet.

Skimmer Net

Most widely and frequently used tool. As I mentioned above, you can add skimmer net at the end of the telescopic pole, this will effectively clean debris, leaves, bugs, twigs, hair ties, etc from the water.

There are basically two types of skimmer net, the bag skimmer, and the flat skimmer. I would recommend you to go for the flat skimmers. With the flat skimmer, you will easily able to throw off the debris collected from the pool.

Throwing off debris from bag skimmers is little tough and time killing, especially when that is wet.

Don’t go for cheap options, buy a heavy duty skimmer net. It’s better to buy the best one for years instead of buying after every cleaning sessions

How often should I skim the pool?

Another highly asked question. The answer is every day, yes.

Skimming the water daily will not let debris sink in the bottom of the pool, which is vacuuming friendly.


Remember, I said telescopic pole is a very important tool? You are going to need the telescopic pole here too. By attaching the brush on the pole, you can scrub the side wall, the surface of the swimming pool to remove any kind of dirt or detaching algae before they get hard.

There are basically 3 types of brush. You have to choose a brush according to your pool surface.

If your pool surface is made of unpainted concrete, then choose a brush with both nylon bristles and stainless steel.

For Vinyl, fiberglass, painted concrete, only nylon bristles brush will work and choose stainless steel bristles for Gunite floor.

How often should I brush my pool?

To have a well-maintained swimming pool, you should brush your pool two times at least in a week. Make sure the brush reaches into every possible nook and cranny in order to remove algae formations.

Brushing will make algae float into the pool and that will be easier for chlorine and other chemicals to kill them.

Keep in mind, if you notice extra developed algae in your pool, just brushing won’t be enough, you will need to go for more aggressive cleaning to get rid of pool algae.

With a brush in the telescopic pole, you will be able to clean pools walls, stairs, corners and floor.

Vacuum Pool cleaner

Guess what will you need here? A vacuum pool cleaner that’s obvious.


Telescopic pole, yes. You will need a telescopic pole here too. Attach the vacuum head at the end of the pole, add a long hose so that you can vacuum the entire pool and vacuum plate (not mandatory).

There is different kind of vacuum pool cleaner, which one you should choose?

  1. Suction side pool cleaner
  2. Pressure side pool cleaner
  3. Robotic pool cleaner

These are automatic cleaner, I won’t recommend suction side and pressure side pool cleaner to anyone.

Suction side pool cleaner often sucks up hard things like rocks and that can harm pools filter.

Pressure side pool cleaner: This cleaner works with the filter of the pool. It stays attached to the return jet of the pool and pushes all the debris into a mesh bag by creating water vortex. When the pool is totally clean, you will need to clean the mesh bag. But pressure side cleaners are not effective.

Robotic pool cleaner:  As the name suggests, it is like a mini robot. No, it doesn’t do all the cleaning by itself but it does the most of cleaning. It drives down to the pool and collects all the debris. They are little costly

I would recommend you to go for a robotic pool cleaner, though they are little costly they are worth buying.

Having a budget issue is no surprise. In that case, you can go for manual vacuum pool cleaner, you can get used manual vacuum from hardware stores.

How often should you vacuum your pool?


I would say twice in a week but if that not possible that at least once in a week, that would keep your pool enough safe to bathe.

Manual vacuum cleaner takes more effort, especially when your pool is super dirty. So I think investing in a robotic pool cleaner would be the best.

Wait! You are not done yet

You have skimmed, brushed and vacuumed your pool, don’t ruin the pool which you just cleaned by avoiding the pool deck. This is the very last thing you should do. Debris, leaves, bugs will make their way to your pool again if you don’t clean the deck, your all hard work will fade away.


Pool deck: Most of the time just spraying and sweeping the deck with a mop is enough but every time it’s not about cleaning only visible debris. In order to remove invisible debris, you will need to disinfect your pool deck.

Chemicals that we use to keep the pool water clean disappears over time that why we mix them according to a routine.

Well, that’s not a problem, the problem is and when pool water spills in the deck those chemicals don’t disappear. They become a suitable place for bacteria and algae breeding.

This kind of algae and bacteria growth makes the pool deck slippery which can lead you to some serious accident.

You have a number of option to eliminate those growths. For disinfecting the deck you can use outdoor surface cleaner which comes in liquid form.

Doesn’t matter which chemical you use but before you use, make sure that you checked the manufacturer using instruction that comes with the product.

We are done here, I hope by now you know how to clean a pool and if you have any other questions don’t forget to hit me up through the comment section.

Happy swimming!


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