How to Deep Clean Tile Floors | Best & Easiest Solution Ever

How to Deep Clean Tile Floors | Best & Easiest Solution Ever

None of the homeowners want that their tile floor looks dirty. It’s also very embarrassing when someone comes to your home and see your dirty tile floors. So you have to know the right way of cleaning your shining tile floors.
It’s easy to clean tile floor. You can think that you can use expensive chemical cleaner for tile cleaning, but it’s not the only solution. You can clean easily by using the mop and other some household items.
So, here we give you how to deep clean tile floors  Let’s check it out

Best ways to Clean a Tile Floors

Vacuum Cleaner
 Choose your best budget vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner helps you to clean loose debris, dirt, grime and other dust from your tiles easily. It’s also very much efficient. Attached hose with vacuum for clean edge corner of the small area. You have to care about tiles when using the vacuum, its brushes might be a cause of tiles damage. To adjust the vacuum cleaner with tiles.

How to Deep Clean Tile Floors



It’s really true if you mopping your floor with water once after 2/3 days it will help you to bright your tiles. The mop is the made of materials that made of absorbent materials. It has a long pole. The materials wet in water for clean dirt, stubborn etc. from the floor.the mop for floors less expensive than Vacuum clean, which is also great floor cleaner.

So the question how use mop, 1st take a bucket of fresh water and mixed with small amount of detergent. Then wet the mop onto water and run the mop over the tiles floor few times for clean each and every tiny dust and dirt. After that dry the floor.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is one of the most important phenomena that reduce your cost to buy several commercial products like the mop, vacuum etc. for everyday household work. It’s the best for clean spot and stubborn. Some folk can’t tolerate the smell of white vinegar, but we know, the smell no longer will exist more than 5 minutes. So don’t worried about its smell.

To use the white vinegar you have to some additional substance like clean cloth, funnel, spray bottle, warm water. Let’s start the process

1. At first, take the spray bottle and outpour water and same amount vinegar through a funnel. Shut the spray bottle and shake it well so that it mixes well.
2. Now, medley vinegar spray over the dirt and stubborn of the tiles. Wait to lose the grime and other dirt it might be highest 5 minutes.
3. Finally, Use the cotton cloth to clear rest mess.

Using Soda
This method is little bit time consuming but the cheapest method. Here you need a toothbrush, baking soda, cotton cloth, and water. 1st have to make a soda paste in a small bowl. Because it’s hard dirt remove. The paste of baking soda coat with that dirt and keep it more than 5 minutes. Scour the paste over that dirt. When the spot will clear then clean the mess with the cotton cloth.

Dear reader hope find your solution how to deep clean tile floors. Please comment below on which method did you used. Till then Bye.

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