Top 10 Kitchen Safety Rules For Your Kitchen

Top 10 Kitchen Safety Rules For Your Kitchen

Cooking is fun, it’s a beautiful thing, everyone knows. But half of the fire accidents occur because of cooking, yes, you heard me right! Half of fire accident happens because some of us love to cook but not used to turn off the cooker or grill. These things are very dangerous.No one can help you until you change these habits by yourself, though below you will see 10 kitchen safety rules.

Remember, these 10 kitchen safety rules are not only for reading also for applying. For the sake of you and your family keep these 10 kitchen safety rules in mind and apply them before and after you cook.

  • Stay In The Kitchen

Cooking Safety

Most fire accident happens because people leave the food on the unattended stove. Never do this; never leave the kitchen while you have some things cooking. In an emergency, if you had to go out of the kitchen then, take your pots or pans whatever you use off the heat and make sure that you turned off the stove, Do the same for the oven.

  • Take Care Of  Your Cloth

While cooking doesn’t wear loose fitted clothes, clothes can catch fire very fast. When cooking, wear short or tight fitted sleeves with a well-fitted apron.

  • Items Around The Stove

Remove all the clothes, kitchen towels, tea towels, oven mitts, cords, curtains closed around the stove. These can catch fire easily. Before you fire up the stove remove all flammable items near the stove. Be aware while using towels to shift a pot off from the burner.

  • Set a Fire Extinguisher In The Kitchen

If possible keep a fire extinguisher near the kitchen. If somehow you do have a fire, with a fire extinguisher you can easily clean up the fire. But make sure you know how to use a fire extinguisher.

  • Keep Your Children And Pets Away

Keep children and pets away Kitchen is for adults, Child and pets do not belong there. Keep them away from the kitchen area. Kids and pets will distract you when you are cooking, well that’s not a very big deal, but if you let your child and kids stay in the kitchen they can harm themselves, which no parents want.

And if your kid is learning how to cook or helping you in the kitchen, then pay attention to their activities, in the case of learning cooking, start with a simple recipe which doesn’t need much cutting or heat.

  • Change Smoke Detectors Batteries

Some people have smoke detectors in their room and kitchens but they don’t check, are those detector really works or not. If you have smoke detectors change the batteries in every five months.

  • Extinguish Candle

In romantic candlelit dinners keep an eye on the candles. These are another common cause of fire accidents. Extinguish the candle as soon as the candlelit dinner or cooking in the kitchen done.

  • Stay Prepare To Put Out A Fire

Though no one wants a fire to occur, but stay prepared in case you do have a fire. The best thing you can do is if you have a stove top fire then put a perfectly fitting lid over the pot or pan.

Avoid using water and don’t pick the burning pan to put that in the sink, that’s very risky, fire can spread up if you do that.

  • Pre-Plan

Note the fire department telephone number or set the number on your telephone. Make sure your all family member knows that. Make a plan with your family members that, if fire accident occurs how to get out of the home faster and how to meet outside in a designed area, especially kids. Practice this plan every month.

  • SDR

SDR means stop, drop, roll it’s a rule. In case you got fire in your kitchen, STOP, don’t run if the fire is on your clothes, DROP, and drop to the ground and ROLL.

Cooking Safety

Never hesitate to call the local fire department, Even if you have successfully put out the fire. It’s better to be safe.

In this article we gave you 10 kitchen safety rules, we can’t do anything more for you without providing information. Now it’s your turn to keep these 10 kitchen safety rules in mind and share with your family and friends.

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