Soccer Equipment List | Soccer Item Checklist

Soccer Equipment List | Soccer Item Checklist

Come on buddy, who doesn’t know what they would need to play soccer? Everyone does. Then what is this article about?

Well, I see a lot of beginner soccer players who think about playing soccer all they need is just one soccer ball, which is wrong. Yes, you can start hitting the field with the ball but there are few things that will ensure your safety and help you to play like professional.

This very article is for them; It is a soccer equipment list and more like a soccer checklist. It will take only 5 minutes of yours to read off the rest of the article, hope it will help.

What Equipment Do You Need for Soccer?

Soccer requires a bunch of equipment’s for perfect gameplay, but in this article, I have only enlisted some basic equipment without which you should not get on the field. So let’s get started,

Soccer Cleats

I have seen many using running shoes when playing soccer. Soccer have different shoes, which is protective, helps to run faster and has spikes on the sole which prevents unwanted slipping on the field.

Shin Guard

A soccer shin guard is a must-have soccer protective gear to wear. Shin guards are made to protect your shin bone. Shinbone injury is a common one in a soccer game, so shin guards are very important. Get the best one from thegoast.

Soccer Socks

Socks are as important as a cleat, it will prevent your feet from spreading filthy smell. Plus, when you play an intensive game which requires heavy running, you shin guard could be misplaced during that time and the best pair of soccer socks are going to hold them on the place. See the trending soccer socks at

Soccer Bag

It is not mandatory but recommended. If you are a regular soccer player, you will know the need for a perfect soccer bag. You will need to carry your cleats, soccer ball, water bottle, shin pads, jersey, shorts, etc. and a large soccer bag will be your helping hand. Take a look at trendy bags.

Ball pump

You are about to start playing a match and right after taking the ball out of the bag, you see the ball is deflated, how would you feel? Bad, obviously. But you will feel worse if you can’t inflate it immediately. So carrying a portable soccer ball pump is always necessary. Pick the trending one from Goast.

Water Bottles

You know why you should carry a water bottle with you and most soccer bags comes with side water bottle pockets so it wouldn’t be an issue to carry a water bottle.

Jersey and Shorts

Is it a problem to play soccer wearing regular clothes? Yes, it is. Regular clothes will make your body temperature increase by the time, regular clothes will take time to get dried so your body will have enough time to soak the sweat. Plus, wearing regular clothes you won’t be able to play comfortably.

Jersey and shorts are made of polyester which is very lightweight and dries quickly. Playing soccer with the jersey and shorts is something that’s going to deliver the real comfort.

Soccer Ball

Everyone knows they can’t even think of playing soccer without a ball but picking just any ball won’t be going to provide you the real feel of soccer. Buying cheap balls are going to cost you more in the long run, so you have to pick the right ball.

But how would you do that? Do you have any knowledge about which thing makes a great ball? No?

Okay, don’t worry. Visit and you will find a comprehensive soccer ball buying guide which covered every aspect you will need to know before buying a right soccer ball.

Plus, you will find some trendy soccer balls there too with all the pieces of information. Just read carefully and pick one which suits your need.


And time to say goodbye. This is the basic soccer equipment list which has all the gear listed which you will need when playing a game. I hope it did help you and if you find anything wrong or you have any valuable suggestion, don’t hesitate to hit me up through the comment section. Also if you liked this article don’t forget to share it with your friends. Take care!


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